Ouija - Riding into the Funeral Paths  

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

ARTIST: Ouija 
ALBUM: Riding into the Funeral Paths   
YEAR: 1997 
GENRE: Black Metal  
COUNTRY: Spain  
SIZE: 39.5 MB


1.When The Sun Shall Die 05:33
2.Crossing The Seventh Gate 05:23
3.Unbriedled Transilvanian Passion 05:56
4.Hear The Call Of Wolves (Fullmoonlight Lovers) 07:12
5.Before A Possible Relapse 05:10
6.In The Witching Midnight 06:30
7.Riding Into The Funeral Paths 05:51
8.Holocaust In Heaven 01:34
Total playing time 43:13

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