Bewitched - At The Gates Of Hell  

martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

ARTIST: Bewitched 
ALBUM: At The Gates Of Hell 
YEAR:  1999
GENRE:  Black/Thrash/Power Metal
COUNTRY:  Swened
SIZE: 65.5 MB


1.Sabbath of Sin 04:42
2.Heaven Is Falling 04:13
3.Black Mass 03:22
4.The Devil's Daughters 03:43
5.At the Gates of Hell 04:45
6.Let the Blood Run Red (Thor cover) 03:52
7.Lucifer's Legacy 04:02
8.The Sinner and the Saint 04:12
9.Enemy of God 03:55
10.Infernal Necromancy 04:09
Total playing time 40:55

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