Cannibal Corpse - Live Cannibalism  

domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

ARTIST: Cannibal Corpse
ALBUM: Live Cannibalism
YEAR: 2000
GENRE: Death Metal
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 60.4 MB


1.Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead 04:14
2.Blowtorch Slaughter 02:37
3.Stripped, Raped and Strangled 03:39
4.I Cum Blood 04:12
5.Covered With Sores 03:44
6.Fucked With a Knife 02:26
7.Unleashing the Bloodthirsty 04:13
8.Dead Human Collection 02:40
9.Gallery of Suicide 04:11
10.Meat Hook Sodomy 05:11
11.Perverse Suffering 04:21
12.The Spine Splitter 03:31
13.Gutted 03:26
14.I Will Kill You 02:48
15.Devoured by Vermin 03:39
16.Disposal of the Body 03:41
17.A Skull Full of Maggots 02:33
18.Hammer Smashed Face 04:46
Total playing time 01:05:52


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