Dying fetus - Killing on adrenaline  

sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

ARTIST: Dying fetus 
ALBUM: Killing on adrenaline 
YEAR: 1998 
GENRE:  Death/Grind/Hardcore
COUNTRY:  United States of America
SIZE: 31.7 MB


1.Killing on Adrenaline 05:40
2.Procreate the Malformed 07:07
3.Fornication Terrorists 05:29
4.We Are Your Enemy 03:45
5.Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog 01:16
6.Absolute Defiance 03:53
7.Judgement Day (Integrity cover) 01:51
8.Intentional Manslaughter 05:30
Total playing time 34:31

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