Incantation - Blasphemy In Brazil  

sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010

ARTIST: Incantation
ALBUM: Blasphemy In Brazil
YEAR: 2001
GENRE: 2001
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 105 MB


1.Intro 02:47
2.Anoint the Chosen 04:00
3.Unholy Massacre 04:32
4.Shadows From the Ancient Empire 03:01
5.The Ibex Moon 04:28
6.Ethereal Misery 04:16
7.Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish 02:46
8.Apocalyptic Destroyer of Angels 03:21
9.Devoured Death 02:11
10.Essence Ablaze 03:11
11.Disciples of Blasphemous Reprisal/Blissful BloodShower 04:33
12.Sempiternal Pandemonium 01:07
13.Sempiternal Pandemonium (continued and finished) 04:57
14.Profanation 06:02
15.Impending Diabolical Conquest 05:45
16.Lustful Demise 05:02
17.Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies (with a portion of Unto Infinite Twilight/Majesty of Infernal Damnation as an outro) 12:23
Total playing time 01:14:22


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