Ebanath - That Now Is Necessary For You  

martes, 2 de febrero de 2010


ARTIST: Ebanath
ALBUM: That Now Is Necessary For You
YEAR: 2006
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
COUNTRY: Ukraine
SIZE: 41.2 MB


1.Prelude To Anal Investigation 00:27
2.Trouble In Ass 02:02
3.Necrofolly 00:58
4.Perverse Quality 00:51
5.Stop The Vagin 01:49
6.Pathological Inclination To Sexual Bodies 01:20
7.Alabama, Mother Fuck! 00:33
8.Anal Dic(k)tator 02:01
9.Etatigruger's Song 00:52
10.Abra-K-Dabra - Corpsefucker Holocaust 00:49
11.SEXtrapussy 02:01
12.Puritanic Spermatorhoea 01:15
13.Cunt And All That Here Can Be Applied 01:24
14.God Damn, I Want To Fuck 01:28
15.Pukka Boombata 00:48
16.Mr. McFuck 01:34
17.Ebola 00:28
18.Easy Dizzy Dance (Romanticism With A Smack Of Cunt) 01:30
19.Something After Midnight Or New Travel Of Spermatozoon 00:46
20.Eureka!!! 01:50
21.Wound Fuck (GUT Cover) 01:16
22.I Killed My Family (BRUTAL TRUTH Cover) 01:18
23.Display To Me (NAPALM DEATH Cover) 00:04
Total playing time 27:24


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