Demoncy - Empire of the Fallen Angel  

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

ARTIST: Demoncy
ALBUM: Empire of the Fallen Angel
YEAR: 2003
GENRE: Black Metal
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 48.3 MB


1.Enchanted Woods Of Forgotten Lore 01:05
2.The Obsidian Age of Ice 03:47
3.Empire of the Fallen Angel 03:21
4.Night Song (Apocalyptic Dawn) 03:22
5.Sepulchral Whispers 04:22
6.Shadows of the Moon (The Winter Solstice) 04:42
7.My Kingdom Enshrouded In Necromantical Fog 04:19
8.Warmarch Of The Black Hordes 03:28
9.The Ode To Eternal Darkness 06:36
Total playing time 35:02

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