Bestial Earthhammer - Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon (Demo, 2009)  

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Artist: Bestial Earthhammer
Album: Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon14. Tonguing Snarls
Year: 2009
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: United States
Format: mp3@CBR128kbps
Size: 18MB

1. Orgone Magic of the Black Sun Cult
2. United Nations under Hoof
3. Rat Fuck USA
4. Imperial Slughammer
5. Unholy Blasphemies of the Satanic Nuclear Goat
6. To Serve Only One
7. MTL Hammer Attack
8. Nuclear Satanic Goat Sodomy
9. New York Police State (Agnostic Front cover)
10. Whispers in the Satanic Night
11. Scumdog Underworld
12. Satanic Pigfuck Armageddon
13. Bones and Incantations
14. Tonguing Snarls

Total playing time: 20:26

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