Mystic Circle 2006 - The Bloody Path of God  

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

ARTIST: Mystic Circle
ALBUM: The Bloody Path of God
YEAR: 2006
GENRE: Melodic Black Metal
COUNTRY: Germany
SIZE: 48.0 MB


1.Psalm of the End (intro) 00:45
2.The Bloody Path of God 03:02
3.Doomsday Prophecy 04:07
4.Nine Plagues of Egypt 03:54
5.The Grim Reaper (intro) 00:22
6.The Grim Reaper 04:54
7.Riders of the Apocalypse 03:54
8.Hellborn 04:05
9.Church of Sacrifice 03:32
10.The Forgotten 04:03
11.Unholy Terror 03:11
12.Memento Mori (Outro) 01:07
13.Circle of the Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover. Bonus track) 04:55
Total playing time 41:52


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