Castrum - 2000 In The Horizons Of The Dying Theatre  

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

ARTIST: Castrum
ALBUM: In The Horizons Of The Dying Theatre
YEAR: 2000
GENRE: Black Metal
COUNTRY: Croatia
SIZE: 101 MB


1.Fragments Of The Fall 02:48
2.Empress Of... (Insane... Sordid... Wicked...) 07:57
3.A Voice From The Haunted Graveyard 07:32
4.. . . 03:40
5.Dying Winter (Her Natural Despair And Violent Desire) 06:43
6.Thou Uprised Majesty In Thirsty Glance Of Dusk 05:04
7.Fields 02:16
8.Drakulin Ples (Dracula`s Dance) 03:56
9.Nocturnal Eden Behind Serpent Eyes 07:32
10.Wandering Between Solitary Dream 06:26
11....And The Curtain Falls 01:19
Total playing time 55:13

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