Cattle Decapitation - human Jerky [EP]  

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

ARTIST: Cattle Decapitation
ALBUM: human Jerky [EP]
YEAR: 1999
GENRE: Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 17.2 MB


1.Cloned For Carrion 01:02
2.Parasitic Infestation (Extracted Pus, Mistaken For Yogurt, And Gargled) 00:41
3.Unclogged And Ready For Spewage 00:35
4.Gestation Of Smegma 00:47
5.Mute Rain 00:45
6.Flesh-Eating Disease (Flu-Like Symptoms Of E-Coli With Complete Digestive Shutdown) 00:48
7.The Decapitation Of Cattle 00:05
8.Constipation Camp 00:59
9.Intro To Carnage 00:33
10.Cream Of The Crop 01:00
11.Mad Cow Conspiracy (Bloated Bovine-Home To Flies And Anthrax Spores) 00:30
12.Veal And The Cult Of Torture 00:40
13.Stench From The Dumpster 00:44
14.Body Snatcher (Viscera Intact-Ripe For Devourment) 00:19
15.Roadkill Removal Technician 00:46
16.Bovine, Swine, And Human-Rinds 00:45
17.Bludgeoned, Beaten, And Barbequed 00:30
18.Colon-Blo {Plus Hidden Track} 04:43
Total playing time 16:17


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