Lividity - Used, Abused, And Left For Dead  

domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

ARTIST: Lividity
ALBUM: Used, Abused, And Left For Dead
YEAR: 2006
GENRE: Death Metal/Grindcore
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 35.0 MB


1.Raped for Rent 03:00
2.Gore Epitomite 00:47
3.Seven19 02:58
4.Deviant Pleasures 02:28
5.The Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover pt. 3) 03:34
6.Exhibition of Carnage 02:33
7.Used, Abused and Left for Dead 01:33
8.Hero of Dementia 03:09
9.No Time for Lube 02:51
10.Stench of Virginity (Sonic Version) 03:04
11.The Urge to Splurge 00:47
12.Bound in Skin 02:23
13.Phallic Beat Down 08:40
Total playing time 35:19


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