Saprogenic - The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete  

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

ARTIST: Saprogenic
ALBUM: The Wet Sound Of Flesh On Concrete
YEAR: 2003
GENRE: Brutal Death Metal
COUNTRY: United States of America
SIZE: 26.4 MB


1.Occular Desication 02:36
2.Foaming Rectal Seepage 01:59
3.Prolapsed Trachea Fuck Toy 03:20
4.Gluttonous Consumption 03:00
5.Dripping Metaphilia 02:10
6.Cerebral Regurgitation 01:42
7.Ovulation Redirected 02:39
8.Inhale The Effluence of Decay 02:16
9.Force Fed Excrement 02:47
10.Remnants of Cephalotripsy 03:38
11.The Wet Sound of Flesh On Concrete 02:20
Total playing time 28:27


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